About Me

As my header would inform you, my name is Mason. I am currently a Business Administration Major at California State Polytechnic University, SLO (Cal Poly) with a concentration in Marketing. I am the youngest of eight, a nerd for words, and I can make a pretty stellar cup of coffee.

Three Words to Describe Myself

  1. Visionary: This really just means that I can envision a detailed version of my end goal and can galvanize and energize others to work towards this target. I find this to be critical to my organization and motivational strength. When I am presented with a task that needs to be brought to completion, I excel at organizing the project into smaller, more doable parts and accomplishing them one at a time. I love being able to inspire others and myself with making a goal more manageable and achievable. This has served me well in both school and work and is a tactic that I employ in my own personal pursuits as well.
  2. Integrous: I was raised with a strong moral compass and I challenge myself daily to act in a way which I know is right, regardless of if someone is watching. I hope and believe that this honesty will allow people to recognize me as an upstanding individual and trust me to do right by them in a myriad of possible situations.
  3. Energetic: Anyone I know can tell you that I approach everything I do with an incredible amount of energy. I believe that any situation, good or bad, can be improved with a 2 teaspoons of gusto and a large scoop of determination.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

New Adventures

I love to be outside in any location in any type of weather: sun, rain, snow, windy (that’s a maybe, actually; I hate the wind), but you get the idea. It really satisfies my feeling of wanderlust and craving for adventure being surrounded by nature with the associated smells, experiences, things to look at, and things to touch. Two things I love to do in nature are: (1) share these experiences with others as well as (2) capture some of the more beautiful sights I encounter. I would like to think I have an “eye” for nature and I love taking a few photos to bring home with me to share and admire. While many of my favorite adventures take place in nature, that’s not where my spirit for trying new things ends. New places, new activities, new people, and new opportunities have made me curious, versatile, and attentive just like any great adventurer should be.

The Community Mindset

A photo taken of a live concert in San Francisco

Whether I’m home alone with my headphones on, or I’m at a huge festival with 5,000 people around me, I love music. What I love about listening alone is the way I can personally engage with any music of my choice and experience that in a way that is meaningful to me whether that be through dancing or just closing my eyes to enjoy the moment. On the other end of the spectrum, I love music at festivals because of the community and the euphoria that is felt and shared by all the music-lovers in one place. The excitement is palpable and it’s in these places where I sometimes find myself feeling the most alive. My passion for music and the environment it can create has taught me the benefit of taking time to cultivate one’s own interests, as well as how to be a supporting member of a larger community.

Friends and Family

A picture of Mason's friends

Family and friends are important, there’s no way around it. I have to pay tribute to the people who have helped shape some of the most important parts of who I am today, and I wouldn’t have been able to make this website without them. Those closest to me have helped me discover who I want to be, what I’m good at, what I’m not good at, and what it means to be cared about and heard. They have grown my capacity for humility and the ability to accept constructive criticism which has allowed me to become a better listener, a more patient person, and an adaptable individual. I know that fifty years from now I will still have many of the friends I know now, and there’s something to be said for that love, loyalty, and stability.