Spectrvm: Ethnography and Research

One of my favorite projects that I have completed in my time here at Cal Poly was a client-based research project. For this project my team—among 6 other teams—were tasked with assisting a startup company, Spectrvm—recently rebranded to “BaseRock”—based out of Cal Poly. The project was an intensive process spaced out over 10 weeks where each group would be collecting research on Spectrvm’s target market, developing themes, and generating actionable recommendations for Spectrvm by the end of the quarter. This project heavily employed the use of ethnographic research methods where we would make observations about our target market, conduct in-depth interviews, and were encouraged to immerse ourselves in the culture in order to better understand our market. It was a novel experience to report our findings to our client at the end of the year with the recommendations that our group had created on our own, as all our previous courses had been hypothetical. Through the course of the project I gained a very real sense of what I love about the marketing field and where I want to focus my passions. Click on the buttons below to check out our final report and presentation.




New Product Development and Launch

In my most recent quarter, me and a group of three other upper-level marketing students were responsible for the conceptualization, design, and launch of a hypothetical product. What made this project different than my past marketing projects was the lack of guidelines and the ambiguity of creating your own product from nothing. In past courses we have had mentors and professors to rely on to guide us through each step of the project, however this project was developed and executed largely just by our own creativity and research. I personally handled a lot of our targeted outreach, collecting data from our target market using custom-made surveys designed to present different pricing options to each respondent. This research drove our product in design, function, and name. I had a lot of fun tackling this with my group and grew a lot as an independent marketer in the process. Check out our final report below.



Mimic Pro: SEO and Ad Creation

In a recent marketing course I was responsible for creating and executing a real-world marketing campaign for a simulated client. You may ask, “How is this ‘real-world’ but somehow also simulated?” Essentially the premise of the project was that I was working with a simulated camera shop that was trying to improve its sales and ROI. While the actual business was run through the simulation, my written ads, emails, and landing pages were evaluated with metrics designed to duplicate the actual “real-world” search traffic that would have taken place on Google over a month of time and report the traffic on my ads accordingly. With a budget of $60,000, over the course of ten weeks I wrote and created a number of email and ad campaigns including landing pages, three different email campaigns distributed to over 12,000 recipients, and more than twenty short-text ads designed to improve SEO and ad ranking. Unfortunately this was a simulated course and I have no link to data on this, but I’d be happy to discuss it more if you have any questions for me.


Corporate Blog Initiative – Global Upside

Finishing my summer internship at Global Upside, one of my main roles at the company was acting as the social media outreach arm of the company’s new website and writing their corporate blogs. This gave me large opportunity to read up on corporate outsourcing, international relations, employment law, and HR events. Here are a few of the blogs that I wrote this summer involving some findings and insights about these subjects I spent so much time reading into


Mihi Product Video

This is the biggest media project I have ever undertaken, and in the shortest amount of time. With a little under a month left in my internship, the Marketing Director came to me and tasked me with creating a product video for one of their new websites, Mihi, that she would need completed before I finished my time there. I had not used this video software before, but by the end of my time there we successfully scripted, designed, animated, and produced this video. This video is now featured on their company website and on their YouTube channel. Take a look!