What’s New With Me?

Fall 2017 – Senior Year

I have officially begun the last two quarters of my Undergraduate education. This quarter I have taken on a wide range of responsibilities, but they have all helped to grow me as a marketer and a professional. Here are a few of the big things I’m doing this quarter:

  • Account Management Course: Me and a team of five other students have begun managing the marketing operations for a small business client known as Eldora Chocolate out of Albuquerque, New Mexico! This project so far has been a great experience as we work with the founder of the company, Steven Prickett, to understand his vision, his goals, and curating our scope of work to grow his company in the 10-week quarter that we have to work with him.


  • Sales Development Senior Project: Another big task that I have taken on this quarter is that of my senior project. This senior project is teaching me all the skills necessary to succeed in the B2B and B2C sales arena. Through live-action role plays, our class has been learning the ins and outs of the Gartner Inc. sales model as we prepare for our sales competition in December. It has been fascinating to learn about the different customer management strategies as well as gaining confidence in myself as a business professional.


  • Marketing Mentor: Cal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business (OCOB), for the past five years, has had a program where upper level marketing students act as mentors and role models for the introductory marketing course Principles of Marketing. The mentors will guide these students throughout the course of the quarter as they conceptualize, design, and ultimately bring a product to market. This was a program that I was involved in as a sophomore introductory marketing student, and I have come back my senior year to act as a mentor. I have four groups of six students each, giving me 24 mentees to help guide over the course of their projects. So far this experience has been a great learning opportunity for myself and has allowed me to give back to the business college in a tangible way. Each week I get to know my mentees a little better and it’s always fun hearing their ideas and guiding their insights.


  • Online Marketing Intern at ITWGTR: “I have not heard of this company,” you may say. ITW was a company that I had not heard of either, but if you’ve ever heard of Rain-X, Slime, Fix-A-Flat, or Genuine Innovations, then you’ve heard of ITW. I have been working in the marketing team over the course of this quarter helping them launch some of their new e-commerce efforts (stay tuned) and it has been another self-fulfilling learning process. My managers are empowering, generous, and flexible leaders who definitely keep me busy, but support my academic endeavors in equal measure. It has been a wonderful experience working with this company so far and I hope to continue my work there into next quarter.


These are just some of the new and exciting opportunities that I have embraced this quarter! As I continue my search for post-graduate employment opportunities, I hope to find a company that aligns with my skills and my values for the coming years and take the knowledge that has been imparted to me by the Cal Poly business college and apply it in the real world.